• Hata Kodları

Errod Code Description
0001 Check the values you entered. Invalid characters!
0002 Check the mandatory fields for the transaction type. CustomerIPAddress field must be contain value because of the Mandatory Rule:null
0003 Check the values you entered. CardExpireDate field must be between 4 and 4 char.
0101 No transaction found to be canceled. ErrorId: 0101
0102 No pre-authorization process was found to close. ErrorId: 0102
0103 No transaction found to returnErrorId: 0103
0104 Only one sales transaction can be made in the same order. ErrorId: 0104
0108 There is no record of the order number sent.
0109 There is no sales transaction in this order information.
0110 Transaction not found.
0111 Order confirmed, please use new order for inquiry
0113 DCC query result not found.
0122 We cannot complete your transaction. Try again.
0201 No transaction found to be canceledErrorId: 0201
0202 There is more than one transaction you can cancel, send RRN information
0203 No transaction to return was found.
0204 No pre-authorization process found to close. ErrorId: 0205
0207 First, you must cancel the most recent action. ErrorId: 0207
0208 The transaction you want to return is not valid. ErrorId: 0208
0209 The pre-authorization process you want to close is not valid. ErrorId: 0209
0210 The transaction you want to cancel is not valid. ErrorId: 0210
0214 The refund amount cannot be greater than the sales amount
0217 The sale amount cannot be less than the total of the prize and check used.
0231 PGM:OY5CB040 (orderid must be max 32 characters)
0402 The defined number of daily transactions for the same card number is exceeded
0405 Defined daily transaction amount for the same IP number is exceeded
0651 User password is incorrect. ErrorId: 0651
0652 Sorry, you are not authorized to perform this action. ErrorId: 0652
0653 The user is not defined in this terminal.ErrorId: 0653
0654 User status is disabled.ErrorId: 0654
0752 No terminal registrationErrorId: 0752
0753 The wrong workplace number has been entered for this terminal.
0756 This terminal is not authorized to make recurring payments
0759 Transactions in different currency codes are not authorized in this terminal.
0763 You must enter 3D areas
0764 This terminal is not authorized to use moto. ErrorId: 0764
0769 No transactions can be made other than the IPs defined for the terminal.
0770 We cannot complete your transaction. Try again.
0771 We cannot complete your transaction. Try again.
0773 We cannot complete your transaction. Try again.
0785 Garantipay is not authorized
0804 Garantipay is not authorizedError in MD security verification. (transaction amount or transaction ID may have been entered incorrectly) ErrorId: 0804
9999 We cannot process your transaction. Please try again later.General Exception:nul
9998 Timeout has occurred. Please try again later.

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